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Be Prepared for All Conditions With Eve's Smart Weather Station at a New All-Time Low Price

Keep on top of the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and integrate hyperlocal info into your smart home automations.

Eve Weather connected weather station placed outdoors showing 78 degrees

As smart home devices become more accessible, it's becoming increasingly easy to automate mundane daily tasks. You might not have spared much of a thought for how you can use the weather to improve your smart home experience, but knowing the exact conditions for your precise location can open up a world of automation possibilities. With the Eve Weather connected weather station now down to just $61 -- a new record low price -- it's more affordable than ever to do just that. 

The Eve Weather is designed to be placed outdoors and is able to track your local outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. As well as being handy for knowing how many layers to wear on any given day, you can use it to see weather trends over time too. It's IPX4-rated for water resistance and has a replaceable battery inside that will last for around a year.

Beyond just seeing a more localized weather report, one of the best reasons to use a smart weather station is to automate other smart home gadgets. The Eve Weather's HomeKit integration allows you to automatically adjust your thermostat based on the temperature outside, turn on lights or fans and even set off your connected garden sprinklers when the temperature spikes. 

As far as compatibility goes, the Eve Weather only works with Apple's HomeKit so it's not perfect for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant users. The Eve Weather supports Thread, which enables a more stable connection within your smart home network. Given that Thread is a pillar of the new cross-platform Matter smart home standard, which Eve intends to adopt, it's possible that Eve Weather will support other smart home ecosystems in the future. 

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