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Baby Yoda toys, shirts and more let you bring the Disney Plus star home

Toys Star Wars fans can hug join an ever-improving line of merchandise reveals featuring The Child from The Mandalorian.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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Move over, Hatchimals. Freeze, Frozen dolls. The hot merch for the 2019 holiday season just might be anything featuring Baby Yoda from Disney Plus show The Mandalorian. In the lead-up to Black Friday, online stores mostly carried only T-shirts (so many T-shirts), and they were as boring as Luke's life on Tatooine. The same photo of Baby Yoda's sweet face was plastered on everything from shirts to phone cases, and while he's still cute, the shirts feel rushed and almost homemade.

Finally, more creative options have emerged: figurines, plushes, puzzles, a talking Baby Yoda. (What does he say? No one knows!) And the non-official toys are out there, too, including this $300 "Tiny Master" Yoda that has a 14- to 17-month waitlist.

To recap: Star Wars fans call this creature Baby Yoda, but its official name right now is The Child. (It's 50 years old, but that's a baby in Yoda's species -- remember, Yoda was 900 in Return of the Jedi.) It's super adorable, so much so that when it looks like GIFs of it were being banned, Twitter users got upset

If you want to pore over everything that's out there, settle in for a long surf, because there are numerous websites offering merchandise. Online stores are your best shot for now, and physical retail stores should get it soon. Check Amazon, Walmart, Hot Topic, Target, Kohl's, BoxLunch, eBay, SuperHeroStuff, Macy's, Shop Disney and Design By Humans.


Collectors can scoop up six different Hasbro 2.2-inch figures of Baby Yoda in what's being called the "Bounty Collection." In one, he sips soup, in another he's busy swallowing that unlucky Sorgan frog. In another, he's snuggled in his blanket. They'll cost $7.99, but for presale, they're being sold in packs of two for $15.99.

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Buffalo Games/Amazon

There are many puzzling elements in the Star Wars universe, so this 500-piece jigsaw seems appropriate. It won't ship until Dec. 30, so it's a little late for Christmas.

Shop Disney

Stash your lightsaber in this Baby Yoda tote bag. 


This Baby Yoda can ride around in your pocket. It's just 1.12 inches high, and comes with accessories including his broth bowl, frog and the dashboard knob he stole from The Mandalorian's ship. Kids! Always into stuff! Coming to major retailers in spring 2020.

Shop Disney

It's not complicated. It's a phone case with Baby Yoda on it. And it's not cheap. But since you take your phone everywhere, it means you get to have the cutie pie in your pocket, too.

Shop Disney

Discuss your morning schedule with a caffeinated Baby Yoda.


Bobble, he does. Sit on your coffee table or mantel, he will. A much smaller 3.75-inch version that would work well on an office desk or shelf goes for $12.99. 


Hasbro's not revealing what, exactly, Baby Yoda has to say, but promises this 7.5-inch plush will make "character sounds." He comes with his iconic broth bowl and a snack-a-licious frog in case he gets hungry. He's for ages 3 and up and comes to major retailers in spring 2020. 


A stuffed toy is a natural product for such a cute little character, because it's just so snuggly. Mattel is making an 11-inch plushie of The Child, and it can be preordered at shopDisney and at other retailers. Orders won't ship until February 2020.

Design By Humans

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Baby Yoda in his so-cool carriage. Applause to this shirt for using a different, and better, Baby Yoda photo.

Fifth Sun/Walmart

If you like your stuff basic, here's Baby Yoda, and only Baby Yoda, on a simple white T-shirt. 

Box Lunch

No headline, no background, no cute slogans. If that's your style, this is for you. And it's already marked down. 

Shop Disney

The baseball jersey style of this shirt adds some sass to the same Baby Yoda photo we're seeing absolutely everywhere.

Shop Disney

Same image we're seeing everywhere, but the colored lid and straw add some pizazz to this Baby Yoda tumbler. It has a reusable straw because Baby Yoda believes in saving the turtles.

Fifth Sun/Walmart

Baby Yoda, floating in a purple halo, dreaming of his next cup of soup

Design By Humans

Ha. The full-body picture on this shirt reminds us that Baby Yoda has a Muppet heritage. Still cute, though.

Hot Topic

Come on, Disney, Baby Yoda is a WAY better name than "The Child." Decent shirt, but you will need to explain why the creature is called that. Why is it called that? 

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Originally published Nov. 26. and updated as new products come in.