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Avoid cabin fever with up to 50% off toys and games at Target

This week, Target is offering up to half off a huge selection of toys, tabletop games and much more.


Between the cold weather and the ongoing pandemic, it seems like were all going to be stuck inside for a little while longer. And if you've got kids, they (and probably you) are starting to go a little bit stir crazy. If you're looking to shake things up at home by introducing some introduce some new forms of entertainment, then you're in luck. Now through Jan. 22, Target is offering up to 50% off a huge selection of toys and games. You can browse the entire selection at the link below.

There's a wide array of hundreds of different items that are on sale right now. From smaller toys like this Mean Machine RC truck, to giant ones like this Little Tikes 12' trampoline. There's plenty of games too, like the moon mission inspired game, Apollo. With dozens and dozens of toys and games to shop, you're sure to find something to bring hours of fun and entertainment to your house.