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Anker's Magnetic Desktop Charging Station Is on Sale for $75 (Save $25)

Clutter-free and compact charging never looked so good.

Tablets, phones, computer, wireless headphones, smartwatches... with so many devices that constantly need juice, it's only wise to get a charger that can handle all your charging needs in one go. That's where the Anker magnetic desktop charging station comes in. This eight-in-one charger is now $75 on Amazon after you apply a $25 on-site coupon.

The near-spherical charging station can be placed on any desk without looking too cumbersome. The front-facing side has a MagSafe charger, which is compatible with several iPhone models. On the back, there are two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports and three AC outlets. The USB-C ports can charge devices as big as laptops with a powerful 65W charge (a typical MacBook adapter has 30W), and deliver a full charge to an iPhone 12 in just about one hour.

Anker sells high-quality charging products that are entirely worth the investment. Its products will last you a long time and won't quickly deteriorate in quality over time. And its two-year warranty and lifetime $50,000 connected equipment warranty mean that if connected equipment is damaged for some reason, you can get reimbursed up to $50,000. The charging station comes in misty blue, interstellar gray, or dolomite white.

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