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AfterShokz OpenMove headphones just dropped to the lowest price ever

These bone-conduction headphones are great for podcasts on the go and keeping yourself safe while you're active.

Aftershokz OpenMove

If you really enjoy listening to music or podcasts while you're out running or cycling, bone-conduction headphones can be quite literally lifesaving. They keep your ears free to hear cars and other dangers without sacrificing your ability to hear whatever you're listening to -- they gently vibrate the sound directly into your head. These headphones typically run a little more expensive than other Bluetooth headphones due to their unique design and extra hardware, but today you'll find them dropped from $80 to $56 on Amazon. 

These AfterShokz OpenMove headphones are already a budget-friendly offering compared to the higher quality Aeropex headphones from the same company, making this additional discount tough to beat. These headphones offer a battery that lasts at least six hours of nonstop use, with a voice assistant to tell you when you're getting low. You can get these headphones in four different colors on Amazon today, and they'll connect the same way to Apple and Android phones with ease. If you've been looking for some great workout headphones, this is the best deal you'll find this week.

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