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6 accessories that will make your NES, SNES Classic even better

Nintendo's retro consoles are awesome, but they have some flaws. This is how you fix them.

Nintendo NES Classic and SNES Classic
Sarah Tew/CNET

In 2016, Nintendo was facing a hard lesson in supply and demand -- it had droves of customers clamoring to buy its miniature NES Classic Edition game console, but no stock to sell them. Then it happened again with the SNES classic. Ever since they were announced, the retro toys have been in high demand. Fans have waited in line for them, stalked online inventory trackers and overpaid on eBay or in GameStop bundles -- and many still didn't get one.

Nintendo is making good two years later: the NES Classic and Super NES Classic Edition consoles are no longer rare. If you want one, you can get one -- and if you have one, you might want to pick up a few accessories to make it even better.

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Longer controller cables

The NES Classic is a ton of fun, but it shipped with one fatal flaw: its controller cord was just 3 feet long. Sitting 4 feet away from your TV screen is an option -- but it's probably a better idea just to buy a cable extender. Fortunately, they're cheap: Amazon sells them in packs of two for about $10. Even better? The cables are compatible with both the NES and SNES classic.

Don't want to deal with controller cables? Then you might want to try...


8Bitdo SN30 and N30 2.4G wireless controllers

OK, maybe Nintendo's throwback consoles have one other major flaw -- the lack of a home button. On the stock consoles, the only way to go back to the system menu to manage save files, change video settings or switch to a new game is to get up off the couch, walk over the console and press the reset button. This exercise gets old very quickly.

Want to fix it and sidestep the short controller cable issue? Check out 8Bitdo's SN30 and N30 2.4G wireless controllers. Not only will these custom NES and SNES Classic gamepads let you enjoy wireless retro gaming from the comfort of your couch, they ensure you won't ever have to stand up again -- pressing down and select on the SN30 will take you straight to the home menu. With the N30, it's even easier: there's a home button right on the controller's face.

Sure, ditching the cord might be a little less "authentic" of a retro experience, but it's worth it for the luxury.

8Bitdo Retro Receiver

If you already have plenty of wireless gamepads lying around, check out 8Bitdo's Retro Receiver -- it'll let you sync almost any Bluetooth gamepad to the NES or Super NES Classic Edition, including the PlayStation 4 controller, PS3 gamepad, Nintendo's own Wii Remote and Wii U Pro controllers, as well as 8Bitdo's own SN30 Pro Bluetooth gamepad. 

Speaking of...


8Bitdo SN30 Pro controller

If you're picking up a Retro Receiver, you might want to consider the company's SN30 Pro controllers, too. Not only is this a great SNES-style gamepad for retro games, but it's also compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices and PC games.

It's more than just an SNES controller with thumbsticks -- this gamepad features proper L1, L2, R1 and R3 shoulder and trigger buttons, full gyro controls and separate home and screenshot toggles that work perfectly on the Nintendo Switch. Oh, and those thumbsticks? They feel just like the ones on your PS4 controller. If you have a lot of gaming devices, this might be the best option for you.

Get a carrying case

Nintendo's Classic consoles aren't just adorably small -- they're totally portable. Picking one up and taking it to a friend's house is easy: pick it up, toss it in a bag and go. If you want to carry your retro games in style, however, you've got options.

PDP's SNES Classic Deluxe carrying case is the best option if you want to channel the 90s. Not only does this hard plastic case rock the same purple and grey scheme as the original console, it features a window for displaying artwork from six classic Super Nintendo games.

Too gaudy? Check out the AmazonBasic's carrying case instead.

Make a portable game console. Sort of.

Want to do something expensive, completely impractical and totally awesome with your NES and SNES Classic? Do you have a few hundred dollars to burn? OK then.

Let's make it fully portable.

Converting your Nintendo Classic into a makeshift portable gaming rig is ridiculously easy -- all you need is a small, battery powered HDMI monitor and an external battery for the console itself. Plug both in and that's it. You're done. Unfortunately, the parts will rack up a mean price -- over $150 for the monitor and at least $80 for the battery.

But if you really want the ultimate Nintendo Classic console, the option is there.

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