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5 amazingly useful products, all priced $9 or less

Wait, what? Yep, score killer discounts today on a laptop stand, wireless mouse, AirPods charger and more.

I like cheap fixes for life's little problems. Tired of hunching over your laptop? Raise the screen with a laptop stand. Sick of that laptop's imprecise touchpad? Switch to a wireless mouse.

Today I bring you five such problem-solvers, all of them priced $9 or less. (OK, $9.17 or less; hope you don't mind me rounding down.) As always, these are available for a limited time and while supplies last. All codes and coupons have been tested and were working at the time of this writing.


Amazon seller: FutureCharger

Price: $9.17 with 10%-off on-page coupon and promo code 306HOPDW

Do you own AirPods Pro or AirPods with Wireless Charging Case? Then consider a dedicated charging station for it. This dock -- available in your choice of four colors -- makes sure your case sits in exactly the right position. If you've ever tried wireless charging on a standard Qi pad, you know that getting it properly placed can be a little tricky.

The dock comes with a USB-C cable, but as with most such devices, it's up to you to supply the powered USB port.

Vic Tech

Amazon seller: Youyun mouse

Price: $3 with $4-off on-page coupon and promo code NH5GZ9W2

Touchpads are objectively terrible. Switch to a wireless mouse and your productivity will increase considerably. Don't believe me? It'll cost you a measly $3 to find out if I'm right. This generic mouse has elegant lines, adjustable DPI settings and a low-profile USB receiver that you can store inside the mouse when it's not in use.

You supply the AA battery that powers it; it'll last you up to 18 months, according to the vendor.


Amazon seller: FLYtomorrow

Price: $7 with promo code G6N6N28X

Hot take: Laptops were never designed to be full-time work computers. They were for travel, for working a few hours here and there. They're an ergonomically poor choice for anything more. And yet that's what most of us use now, all day every day.

One smart fix: Raise the screen so it's closer to eye level and you're not perpetually hunched over. You can do that easily and cheaply with this folding, portable stand, which can work with all laptop sizes and offers a choice of four viewing angles.

The only downside here is now your keyboard is angled up, which isn't great for your wrists. The fix for that: a wireless keyboard (which only makes sense now that you've got that wireless mouse, above). Here's a top-rated Bluetooth keyboard for $16, but that's just one option; there are countless others available.


Amazon seller: Lrkwxk

Price: $7.40 with promo code RJQR2LCU

Headed to the beach? Pool? River on a kayak? Do yourself a favor and bring along one of these waterproof pouches, which will keep your phone bone-dry even if it gets dunked.

What's nice is that you can actually use your phone while it's in the bag, which is large enough to accommodate models as large as 6 inches.

Worth nothing: There are zillions of these on Amazon, some that can also float. And here's a similar four-pack for just $10. Mostly I just wanted you to know these exist, and that they're cheap and useful.


The discount is small; the usefulness of the product is huge. Because on occasion everyone needs to repair a small hole or gauge in a wall, and this little tube does it all.

It's filled with spackle; just squeeze out what you need where you need it, then scrap away the extra using the built-in putty knife. After it dries, sand it using the cap.

Note that although this is available for free Prime shipping, it currently "ships within eight days."

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