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34 last-minute gifts you can get using curbside pickup for that surprise guest

No time for delivery? We've found great gift options ready for curbside pickup.

The holidays are nearly here and it's crunch time. A number of online retailers have already hit their shipment deadline for getting packages to your door by Christmas, though a few still remain. If you haven't finished your shopping, or if someone unexpected turns up, don't worry -- we have you covered. We've found some great gift ideas that are in stock, in store and able to be picked up near you. 

As a disclaimer, understand that some locations may not have stock of certain items. If you run into a gift that isn't available at your nearest store, use the store locator to see if there are other stores nearby that can accommodate you. Likewise, double check the date before purchase. At the time of publication, these products were available to be picked up in store or curbside before Christmas, but the closer we get, the more inventory turnover we'll see. 

Tetra Images/Getty Images

Below you will find all sorts of great gift ideas, ranging from planners to slippers and all things in between. No matter who turns up, you will find something they'll love. We've sub-divided our favorite finds into popular categories to make it easy to browse. Once you know what type of product you're looking for, we have items listed under their respective retail stores so that you can pick retailers closest to you. If you're not sure, just click on the link and type in your zip code under store locator. 

We'll keep this list updated as we get closer to Christmas.

Skincare, fragrance and hair care


This woody and earthy scent brings warm bergamot, pepper and amberwood together in a luxurious cologne. While it comes in various sizes, the $82 version is 2 ounces of fragrance spray.



Home decor, kitchen and bath


This cheese board is made of real stone and comes in a variety of colors so that it can be matched with existing decor. Each piece is unique, so the variations and sizes will be different, but this is a beautiful statement piece that can add elegance to any get-together.



Bed Bath & Beyond

Cozy clothing and apparel


This unisex robe is soft and warm, which is a welcome way to wake up or go to bed in the winter time. It also has two side pockets to carry your phone or other items easily as you're moving around the house. This robe is 46-inches in length and would pair well with pajamas. 

Bed Bath & Beyond


Books and stationary

Penguin Books

This journal is for everyone, but it's particularly designed for people who have trouble keeping up with journals. The idea is to use the creative and quirky prompts to inspire art and free-thinking. Sometimes it will suggest destroying a page or color outside the lines because there are no rules to journaling, and with artistic journal it feels like a truly collaborative process.





Monster Jam

This motorized monster truck is all about tricks and stunts. With remote control, kids can make the truck perform nose and back wheelies, 360-degree spins, big jumps and more. Just be sure to buy some AAA batteries, as they're not included.

$95 at Walmart
You're receiving price alerts for Monster Jam Grave Digger Freestyle Force RC monster truck: $40


Toys R Us via Macy's