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Protect Your Eyes With 30% Off Sitewide at EyeBuyDirect

Get affordable prescription glasses, sunglasses and even blue light blockers during this limited-time sale.

Close up for all black rectangle sunglasses

Do you need new glasses but aren't too sure whether online shopping will give you a fair price? If that sounds like you, or someone you know, check out this new sale at EyeBuyDirect where you can get 30% off everything using the code LOVE30.

Back in early May, I had the opportunity to test EyeBuyDirect's frames, and not only did they pass my informal stress test (dropping them), but they didn't feel flimsy either. I've tried inexpensive glasses with fragile frames and I have expensive $500 frames on right now. EyeBuyDirect's frames are just as good as the latter, if not better, because of the price. (EyeBuyDirect is also a longtime presence on CNET's list of Best Places to Buy Glasses Online.)

While I couldn't wear those test glasses (since I need to see), feeling just how durable the frames were has been the jumping-off point I needed to finally get transitional prescription glasses for the summer. I was able to complete my glasses order using my eye prescription, hassle-free, for about $300 less than I'd pay at my eye doctor's office. When I finally got both pairs of glasses (Jasmine and Narita), not only could I see clearly, I finally had the eye protection needed for the summer because each pair doubles as sunglasses. So if you want cool new frames and new lenses, this sale is perfect for you. Just keep in mind that you can't use this deal to get Ray-Ban or Oakley frames. 

That said, there are a ton of stylish frames you can grab. You can get frames that are rectangular, round, horn, heart-shaped and more. Customization doesn't stop there because you can also pick rim style, size and features, including adjustable nose pads. Many of the frames and lenses are so affordable that you can have fun buying a ton of glasses to match different outfits or your personality for the day.