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3 must-have home improvement deals for under $17

Grab a two-pack of reliable LED lanterns at an all-time-low price.

Outlet ports with USB adapters and dish scrapers may not be the sexiest or shiniest deals we've ever covered, but it sure is better to be looking at them than looking for them when you actually need them. We found three practical deals on smaller household tools, including a two-pack of LED lanterns for $17, an Anker outlet and USB port for $11 and a three-pack of nylon dish scrapers that could very well change your life in the kitchen forever. 

Each one will help keep your whole operation running smoothly. Here's a closer look at the trio of deals. 


We've tried these and found them to be solid lanterns. They're water-resistant, with a magnetic base, and work as both a beam flashlight and a wide-area lantern. We paid a few bucks more for them six months ago and they're still going strong with no signs of dimming. This is the lowest the two-pack of lanterns has ever dropped -- and yes, batteries are included.


I don't think there's much doubt that you'll get use out of this one. The adapter both doubles an outlet's capacity while also providing two coveted USB ports for charging devices. While we haven't used this exact one, we've used plenty of similar Anker outlet adapters and have had positive experiences with the brand. 

If this isn't the right fit for your setup, Anker has outlet accessories and adapters in every shape and size.

Bogo brands

"Stop scrubbing dirty pots and pans and use this $5 tool instead," begs CNET Home's Rich Brown in his review of this handy kitchen gadget. These nylon scrapers with easy-grip handles will maximize your dishwashing energy output when dealing with those caked-on nasty bits such as scrambled eggs (my own personal nemesis). 

A three-pack is under $11 on Amazon. 

Your dream home doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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