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2K Games Cyber Monday Deals Available Right Now

Expand your gaming library for less with some of publisher 2K's most popular titles discounted for Cyber Monday.

Package art for NBA 2K 23, PGA 2K 23 and other game titles on sale for Black Friday.

Game-maker 2K has made its Cyber Monday deals available. The discounts, listed below, apply only to digital downloads, primarily for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The links will be listed below for any other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic if they're running a deal.  

The PlayStation discounts run from Nov. 18 through Nov. 28. The Xbox sale runs from Nov. 17 through Nov. 30.

Check out CNET's Black Friday Deals liveblog for the latest in Black Friday bargains.  


Standard Edition: 

Michael Jordan Edition: 

The Quarry 

  • 50% off on PS4, Xbox One and Steam
  • 40% off on PS5 and Series X and S

Civilization VI

  • 70% off on Steam and Epic

New Tales From the Borderlands

  • 40% off on PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch 
  • 25% off on Steam and Epic

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

  • 50% off on Xbox One, Steam and Epic
  • 40% off on PS4
  • 30% off on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

WWE 2K22

Standard Edition:

  • 67% off on Steam
  • 50% off on PS4 and Xbox One
  • 40% off on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

nWo 4-Life Edition:

Xbox One, Series X and SPGA 2K23

Standard Edition: 

  • 35% off on Steam
  • 33% off on PS4, Xbox One
  • 29% off on PS5, Xbox Series X and S

Tiger Woods Edition: