2 sweet deals on premium headphones: Sony and Sennheiser for less

One from Sony, one from Sennheiser, both Cheapskate exclusives!

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Rick Broida
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This may be the "bass" headphone deal you see all week. See what I did there?


As a general rule, I'll sacrifice a bit of audio fidelity in exchange for a great deal on headphones. But not everybody feels the same way. Audiophiles will always pay a premium for the likes of Beats, Bose , Sony and Sennheiser , because they want a premium sound experience. I get it.

For those folks, then, I have two pretty sweet deals. First up: The Sony MDR-XB950B1 extra-bass over-the-ear wireless headphones in blue for $93.99 with promo code CHPSKTXB. Same product at Best Buy: $179.99.

If you like bass -- really, really like bass -- these are the 'phones for you. They're snazzy looking, they run for up to 18 hours on a charge and they thump like few other models. CNET hasn't reviewed them, but some 1,700 Best Buy customers rated them 4.6 stars out of 5.

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Corded headphones. How quaint!


Next up: The Sennheiser PXC 480 active noise-cancelling headphones for $229.95 shipped with promo code CHEAPSKATE. Price pretty much everywhere else: $299.95.

First things first: Although these can fold for easier transport and have an inline microphone for phone calls, they're not wireless. That's how they're able to last a whopping 50 hours on a charge. The battery is used only for the noise-cancelling circuitry.

The cord is removable, however, meaning you can also use the 'phones for non-music purposes, like when you just want to block out office noise and whatnot.

I haven't found many reviews, but the overall consensus here and there seems to be around four stars. If you don't care about wireless but do want a super-luxe headphone at a solid discount, check it out.

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