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Zyxel releases affordable wireless-N router

Zyxel intros a new wireless-N router that costs less than $40.

Currently, one of the most affordable wireless-N routers on the market is the TP-Link TL-WR741ND, which costs around $45. However, Zyxel wanted to break this record by introducing the X150N on Monday; it costs less than $40.

The new X150 wireless-N router from Zyxel. ZyXEL

To achieve this new low in pricing, like the TP-Link, the ZyXEL X150 supports the "light" standard of wireless-N, being a single-stream router. It has capped speeds at 150Mbps, which is half of what regular dual-stream N routers have to offer. This is still about three times the speed of a legacy wireless-G router, and for most wireless networking needs, such as Web surfing, this speed is plenty fast.

Zyxel claims that the new X150 router is "extremely easy" to set up and requires virtually no maintenance or support. This might be true, but judging from the company's other routers, such as the X-550N and the X-550NH, we'll have to wait and see what performance the new router has to offer.

The X150 seems to have a standard set of wireless features: built-in firewall and WPA2 AES wireless encryption. It also has a push-button, Wi-Fi, protected setup feature, allowing users to add a wireless client to the network automatically without having to manually type in the encryption key. It also has a simple parental control that filters the access to the Internet.

The router is available now with the estimated price of $39.99. On the street, however, it's likely you can find one for even less.