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Zune 3.0 coverage wrap-up

Crave gathers up all the CNET Zune coverage from the past week.

Photo of Zune 120 Mp3 player.
CNET Networks/Corinne Schulze

It was a busy week for the Zune, as the underdog MP3 player rushed in on the heels of Apple's iPod announcements. If the flurry of Zune news, reviews and analysis came too fast and furious for you, here's a recap. You can also keep up with our continuing Zune coverage over on Zune Central.

Zune news:
-Microsoft demonstrates the new Zunes
-Zune software preview
-McDonalds offers free Wi-Fi for Zunes
-Zune photo galley
-Zune family album
-How to get a free Zune
-Zune updates their Originals store

Zune reviews:
-Zune 120 (third generation)
-Zune 16 (third generation)

Zune analysis:
-MP3 Insider podcast #114
-One big thing Zune did right
-Daily Debrief video