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ZTE C78 now on MetroPCS

The ZTE C78 is a basic phone with a purple candy-bar design.

The C78 is purple.

MetroPCS added the previously announced ZTE C78 phone to its lineup this week. This marks the third ZTE phone to hit MetroPCS this year; the no-contract, regional carrier continues to be the main place for ZTE fans in the United States to get their fix.

The C78 offers a candy-bar design in an eye-catching purple hue (didn't we tell you that purple is the new red?). That's a change from MetroPCS's previous ZTE phones, as both the C79 and C88 are flip phones. Features are slim, but functional. You'll find Bluetooth, a VGA camera, personal organizer options, and a speakerphone. You can get it for $129.