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Zooomr reverts while debugging upgrade

On the sixth day of a planned two-day outage, photo-sharing site Zooomr reverted to its older interface to debug an upgrade.

During , the site could deliver images that people had posted on blogs, but users couldn't upload new images. On Sunday, Zooomr restored its old site but made official one feature of the upgrade by removing upload and file-size limits.

"To keep everyone happy and continually uploading images, we've opted to put Zooomr Release Two back up temporarily for a few days while we get all of these Mark III bugs worked out of our system," site programmer Kristopher Tate said in a blog posting Sunday.

The new Zooomr will let users sell their own photos and add a programming interface for more sophisticated or automated interaction with the site. In addition, Tate said Thursday, users will be able to search for photos based on their overall color. However, to prepare for the new search system, Zooomr has had five quad-core Xeon servers processing the photos.