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Zoolander and Hansel are 'old and lame' in new 'Zoolander 2' trailer

Celebrities like Justin Bieber are dying left and right in Paramount Pictures' new trailer for "Zoolander 2," and it's up to the much older Zoolander and Hansel to save the day.

"If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?"

That was the question posed, but not really answered, in the first . Paramount Pictures released a new full-length trailer for the upcoming movie on Wednesday, and it seems this highly-important-and-totally-not-a-joke question is nowhere closer to being answered.

The trailer did, however, show off tons of new footage from the film and gave a good sense of all the folks coming back for the sequel. In addition to Ben Stiller, who plays model Derek Zoolander, Owen Wilson is back as fellow model Hansel and Will Ferrell reprises his role as the evil Mugatu, freshly sprung from prison after nearly a decade behind bars.

The trailer also shows off some new characters. Most notably, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a popular supermodel named All. When Zoolander asks if All is a male or female supermodel -- given All's getup it is a bit hard to tell -- All responds that "All is all," suggesting the model might be both.

We also get a first glimpse at Penélope Cruz as the Interpol agent Montana Grosso, whom Hansel trusts instantly because "she's hot." Yes, it's a "Zoolander" movie, and it definitely feels very "Zoolander-y."

Finally, the trailer also gives an idea of the film's plot. In the clip, celebrities are suddenly dying while making Zoolander's traditional and trademarked Blue Steel facial expression, and Interpol taps Zoolander and Hansel to help save the day. Will they be successful? Will they ever learn why God makes ugly people?

We'll find out when "Zoolander 2" is officially released in theaters February 12 in the US and UK. A release date for Australia is not yet available.