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ZoneAlarm ForceField arrives in beta

Check Point's new product will create a sandbox around your browser and also provide antispyware and antiphishing protection.

Check Point has released a beta of yet another sandbox for your Internet browser. Called ZoneAlarm ForceField, the idea is simple: What happens in Firefox, stays in Firefox. Or Internet Explorer, for that matter. Any downloads or collateral material you collect during your browsing experience is destroyed once you close the browser. If beta testing goes well, Check Point plans to release ZoneAlarm ForceField in the first quarter of 2008 as a retail product.

If ZoneAlarm ForceField sounds like Google's recent purchase, GreenBorder, it is--kind of. ZoneAlarm ForceField goes beyond GreenBorder by offering antispyware and antiphishing--both drawing from ZoneAlarm's own technologies.

What's cool about this product is its small footprint and easy deployment. You can even take it on the road. At any public terminal, simply download a tiny applet and enjoy the same protection on a public terminal as you do at home. When your browsing session is over, simply restart the browser (without ZoneAlarm ForceField) for the next user. Best of all, your previous session won't be stored in the public browser's history file

Further details about ZoneAlarm ForceField will be announced at the DemoFall 2007 conference.