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Zombie versus bear: Which beast wins?

The National Wildlife Federation believes humans wouldn't be alone in the battle against zombies. Bears might end up being our best friends.

Zombie vs bear
A "Walking Dead" zombie takes on a hungry bear. Zombie: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC, bear: Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Characters in "The Walking Dead" are constantly running through the forest, alternately surviving and succumbing to zombie attacks as the undead slink and shuffle out from behind trees. It makes the woods seem like a particularly dangerous place during a zombie apocalypse, but the National Wildlife Federation has some good news for people planning to flee into the forest to escape the biters. Bears might be some of our greatest allies.

The National Wildlife Federation released a video called "Zombies vs Wildlife: Bears." It's the first in a series pitting nature's creatures against zombie abominations. Upcoming episodes will focus on black ravens, fly maggots, American alligators, American coyotes and flesh-eating beetles. Naturalist David Mizejewski hosts the video and quickly covers the most important points. Bears love to eat meat. Zombies are walking bags of meat.

"A 1,200-pound grizzly or even a 500-pound black bear would devour dozens of zombies right down to the bones, especially if they were fattening up for winter hibernation," Mizejewski says. So let's all hope the zombie breakout occurs in the fall when the bears are at their hungriest.

It's easy to see how a grizzly could take out quite a few zombies. According to National Geographic, grizzly claws grow up to 6 inches in length and the bears can bite through a cast-iron skillet. That means snacking on a zombie would be the grizzly bear equivalent of a human eating a Cheeto.

Counting bears among our anti-zombie buddies does require a big caveat. We have to hope the virus, magic or whatever other force creates the zombies doesn't also infect bears. As tough as human zombies can be, nobody wants to have to deal with a zom-bear.