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Zombie survival class whacked from Oregon middle school

A popular extracurricular zombie survival class fails to survive the schedule at an Oregon middle school.

Michonne in "The Walking Dead"
First rule of zombie survival: walk softly and carry a sharp sword.
Blake Tyers/AMC

Think back to middle school. What was the most awesome class you took? Chances are you didn't have the opportunity to sign up for the most awesome junior high class ever conceived: zombie survival skills. Unfortunately, it turns out nobody will have the chance to complete the course.

Social studies teacher Rich Harshberger at Armand Larive Middle School in Hermiston, Ore., offered an extracurricular class in zombie survival skills. Once the school district found out, they put an end to it, much like Michonne taking her katana to a shuffling undead zombie on "The Walking Dead." Total bummer.

Though we might like to think the class was all focused on sword-fighting skills, aiming for the brain, survivor group leadership, and what to do when grandma gets bitten, it was actually more about reading and writing. Concerns arose about students being exposed to violence and weapons, so the class was dumped and replaced with an exploratory reading course instead.

According to the East Oregonian (subscription required), the class was extremely popular. Students were required to keep survival journals, and "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead" was a required text. "It's gotten kids engaged that I wouldn't have gotten engaged before," Harshberger told the East Oregonian.

Interestingly enough, the school's most recent online newsletter, from April 2011, mentions students studying Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart," a cheery short story about murder, dismemberment, and insanity. But zombies aren't allowed? It's a strange pre-apocalyptic world we live in.

(Via Nerd Approved)