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Zombie shooting targets ooze gore on impact

Aim for the head! Prepare for the apocalypse with bleeding zombie shooting targets from Zombie Industries.

Chris the target zombie
Meet Chris. He was a pretty regular guy until the zombie apocalypse happened.
Zombie Industries

I've been playing Zombie Exodus on my iPad the last few days. The survival horror text game is effective because it leaves so much to my imagination, but that means I also get zombie nightmares. Fun.

I may have a way to dissolve my zombie bad dreams by dispatching some zombies in real life, after a fashion. Zombie Industries offers a line of shooting targets, ranging from entertaining (zombie paper targets) to outright horrifying (bleeding Nazi zombie targets).

The zombies feature guy-next-door names like Chris, Kevin, and Bill. There are also some targets in more questionable taste, such as the aforementioned Nazi and a female zombie named "The Ex."

There are mutilating zombie targets that show where the bullets hit, but the real stars are the bleeding zombie targets. These three-dimensional tactical mannequins exude fake blood and break apart into squicky pieces of broken zombie matter when hit with rounds from your zombie survival arsenal.

The target mannequins range in price from $70 to $100. According to my calculations, I'll need to spend about $1,000 to live out my fantasy of taking out a zombie horde with an antique Colt six-shooter and a katana.

Nazi zombie
There's a long history of Nazi zombie movies. Now you can reenact scenes from "Dead Snow." Zombie Industries