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This is the bike to ride when zombies attack

Prepare for the zombie apocalypse and get your pedal-powered exercise at the same time with a bike built to take on the undead hordes.

Zombie-proof bike
Pedal your way to survival. ETA

The zombie invasion has begun. You're contemplating the best mode of transportation that also combines a modicum of safety. You could take a gas-powered vehicle, but gas is already in short supply. You could find a boat, but you're land-locked and get seasick easily. Maybe you should consider something with infinite mileage: a bike. Specifically, a zombie-proof bike.

To celebrate Halloween, UK insurance company ETA took on the task of designing the ultimate anti-zombie bicycle and it's a doozy. The offensive capabilities are impressive due to the inclusion of an electric chainsaw ("Hello, Ash!"), a flamethrower, smoke grenades and a hatchet. Most of those weapons will eventually run out of ammo or power, but that hatchet will sure come in handy and it's mounted in an easy-grab location.

With the rider's comfort in mind, ETA also equipped the modified mountain bike with a splatter shield to keep your spandex biking shirt relatively free of zombie guts. "Bicycles are already the quickest way to get around town, but the chronic shortage of oil following a zombie apocalypse will render cars all but useless, so bikes will be the only way for survivors to travel," notes ETA.

Once mainly in the realm of speculative fiction, zombie preparedness has taken quite a few steps into the real world lately. The zombie-proof bike would be a perfect fit to go along with your zombie-proof log cabin and an anti-zombie emergency cabinet.