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Zombie beer brewed with real brains (yes, braaaains)

A beer brewed to honor the season finale of "The Walking Dead" takes the zombie trope literally and uses actual brains as an ingredient.

Dock Street Walker
This is one Walker you won't have to fight.Label: Alexis Anne Grant/Photo: Dock Street Brewing

Zombies are known for indulging in certain delicacies such as warm human flesh and brains. Brains are the caviar of the zombie diet. If you're going to brew a zombie-inspired beer, you might as well go all in and add some braaaaains along with the graaaaains. That's what the Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia did.

Dock Street's Walker is an American pale stout. The ingredient list looks pretty mundane at first. It includes wheat, oats, flaked barley, and organic cranberries. Oh by the way, it also uses smoked goat brains. That means Walker isn't suitable for vegetarians, or anybody who's squeamish about drinking something made with goat brains.

Justin Low, the head brewer of Dock Street, is a big fan of "The Walking Dead." The tribute beer is said to contain "intriguing, subtle smoke notes" thanks to the addition of the brains. Walker will get its official release at Dock Street on March 30 along with a screening of "The Walking Dead" season finale.

Geek-related beers are a hot item these days. "Game of Thrones" has a whole lineup of beers, and an official is about to arrive in the US for the first time. It would be interesting to put all these brews together in a cage match to see who comes out victorious as king of the geek beers. I wouldn't bet against Warnog, the Klingon-inspired beer. That bat'leth sword would lop a zombie's head right off.

Dock Street's goat brains
This is what smoking goat brains look like. Dock Street Brewing