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Zimbra's ubiquity play with ISPs

Zimbra has picked up another significant ISP, displaying its business savvy as it grows toward ubiquity.

Zimbra just closed a deal with XMission, Utah's largest Internet service provider. As part of the deal, XMission will be moving customers who host e-mail with XMission to Zimbra.

It's not necessarily a huge deal, not like Comcast's decision to use Zimbra was. Even so, I like the deal because it demonstrates Zimbra's continued focus on ubiquity.

Zimbra's per-user pricing with ISPs isn't high. But that's the point. Zimbra has always focused on making it affordable for ISPs to seriously upgrade their e-mail offerings with its Web-based Microsoft Exchange replacement. Adoption first, and revenue follows.

Zimbra has been one of the burning, bright lights of open source. It's too bad that it was acquired by Yahoo before it had time to prove just how well it could do. Now that its sales are rolled up into Yahoo's total top-line number, we'll never really know just how disruptive it may prove to be with this ubiquity play.