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Zimbra, meet iPhone

Zimbra has developed its software to run on the iPhone. Suddenly, the iPhone looks a little more interesting to me.

I really don't like the iPhone. OK, I just don't like its horrific typing interface. I've tried to convince myself that I like hitting a flat panel, but I don't. I hate it. Some things are best left tactile...

But I must admit I was tempted when John Robb shot me an e-mail indicating that Zimbra was developing its application to run "on" the iPhone. Then I read about it again in Dan Farber's blog. Fortunately, there's $600 worth of reasons not to cave in on this one.

But I'm tempted. Sorely tempted. Looks so pretty, and I'm so superficial... :-)

Speaking of temptation, I'm pushing to have my employer switch from our current mail server to Zimbra. We're coming up on 33 percent of the company running Macs now, with a smattering of Linux too. Zimbra's treatment of the Mac as a first-class citizen is looking very good right about now.

I know Stephen O'Grady has had good experiences with Zimbra. Anything one can share about their experience in moving to Zimbra? Either positive or negative? You can either use the TalkBack forum or send me an e-mail.