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Zillionaire: The cutting-edge piggy bank

New toy safe for keeping track of allowances teaches kids about savings--and possibly bailouts.

*Money shown not included.

Zillionz is a toy line that's meant to teach kids how to keep track of their money. It features toys like cash registers, digital piggy banks, and electric coin jars, all of which use kids' real money to help them manage their personal finances and save up. It's kind of a cool idea, even if the private plastic ATM is a little weird.

The latest edition to the lineup is the Zillionaire, a personal-savings machine. It's like a trio of savings jars, each one assigned to a different child or fund, like "new bike," "Xbox game," or "Daddy's rehab."

The toy counts money as it's inserted and keeps a tally. It also has a customizable LCD screen that can display the total sum of the savings and the amounts in each jar, and can even act as an allowance reminder, which as a kid I wish I had, because my parents would "forget" to get cash before the weekends, though they wouldn't forget to get tequila.

There's no link for the product on the Zillionz Web site yet, but according to the press release that landed in my in-box it'll be available later this fall at Toys "R" Us for $49.99. Time to start saving.