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Zap your way to to Zen with vibrating yoga pants

Nadi ​­smart fitness pants are designed to teach proper yoga form using haptic vibrations and an app. Attaining the perfect locust scorpion will never feel the same again.

Using vibrating sensors, Nadi pants try to guide you into the correct position for the perfect yoga pose.
Wearable Experiments

Taking a yoga class for the first time can be intimidating, and learning the correct form for yoga positions while breathing properly is harder than it sounds.

Fashion tech company Wearable Experiments hopes to take the guesswork out of doing the perfect downward facing dog with its Nadi smart fitness pants.

The pants release gentle haptic vibrations throughout the fabric to guide the wearer to the correct form and posture for yoga poses.

The Nadi pants have a companion app to show the areas on the body that need to be adjusted. The frequency and intensity of each vibration alters with body angle and position. The correct poses are also shown within the app.

It's unclear how gentle the pants are when zapping your legs into the right positions to attain yoga enlightenment. Here's hoping the vibrations aren't too intense.

"As someone who doesn't always know the correct form or alignment in poses, I find having that proper guidance is crucial," Billie Whitehouse, co-­founder and CEO of Wearable Experiments, said Monday in a statement. "As a lifestyle product, Nadi not only acts as that guide, but also integrates into your everyday life ­ reminding you of something as simple as uncrossing your legs while sitting down."

The app will be available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices later this year. No word yet on sizes, styles or price.

Vibrating yoga pants aren't the only fashion-forward gear from Wearable Experiments. In 2013, the company developed the Navigate Jacket to guide you around a city via an accompanying phone app that stores destinations and directions. You type in an address, and the jacket's built-in sensors tap you on the shoulder when you should change direction.

Last year, the company created the Foxtel Alert Shirt that allows wearers to feel the same sensations as their favorite athlete. When you select which team or athlete you'll be watching, you can feel sensations like heart rate. Real-time sports data is transmitted to the app and then to the electronics within the jersey.