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Zany 'Force Awakens' poster GIF features limp lightsaber

You can also see also an espresso-serving Kylo Ren and lots of other unexpected surprises in this rework of the Star Wars poster by French Artist Jaja Poupou.

In all of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" promos you've seen so far, chance are good you haven't seen Kylo Ren pour espresso out of his nose (bet he takes it dark, get it?). But that's because you might not yet have come across this eye-popping GIF by French artist Jaja Poupou that reimagines the "Force Awakens" poster in a truly new way.

Looking like the cover of Mad magazine come to life or the opening credits from the TV show "Monty Python's Flying Circus," the poster has lots to keep you occupied. There's that hand that pops out of Kylo's mouth, of course, but there's also the flaccid lightsaber held by Finn; the flipping head of a Stormtrooper; and the superspin of BB-8, who has the unfortunate luck to get grazed by the blaster bullet that zips around the whole thing.

This poster definitely rises above many of the "Force Awakens" memes and spoofs like a landspeeder rising above the sands on Tatooine. That's likely because Poupou has a lot of experience manipulating movie posters. His YouTube channel showcases a series called "Poster Fever" in which a narratives are cleverly told through a series of film posters. It's well worth a watch -- if you can tear yourself from his work on the Star Wars poster.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" opens in theaters across the the UK and Australia on December 17 and in the US on December 18 -- although there is a special world premiere of the film in Los Angeles on December 14. As if you didn't already know that.