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Zander's cell phone highs and lows

We take a look at the best, and worst, of Motorola cell phones under Ed Zander.

Ed Zander Motorola

The imminent departure of Motorola CEO Ed Zander marks the close of an interesting period in Moto's history. Three years ago this month, the company emerged from its post-StarTac hibernation to give the world the now iconic Motorola Razr V3. As any gadget geek can tell you, Moto had a winner with the V3. It spawned several revamps and scores of imitators, and it launched a cell phone design revolution that continues to this day.

Since that time, however, some Moto watchers (us included) have suggested that the company was attempting to ride the Razr wave a bit too long. And while Moto has had a few non-Razr successes under Zander's tenure, it has had its share of bombs as well. We take a look at Zander's cell phone hits and misses in our slide show.