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YouTube's weapon against crude comments

YouTube's latest change could clean up cruddy comments, Electronic Arts may give up its football dominance, and these apps will school you in note-taking.

Tuesday's top stories score a touchdown against trolls:

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YouTube is hoping to reduce its troll population by letting users go by their real names. Google+ accounts can now be used as a YouTube identity. The switch can be done in settings. Before making the change, users can review past activity and delete any undesirable comments. But this isn't a required switch. Users can keep their existing account names.

Video game publisher Electronic Arts may not have the monopoly over pigskin for long. Back in 2008, EA was sued for making exclusive licensing deals with the NFL, NCAA and AFL. It was argued that this violated consumer protection laws and allowed EA to overcharge for games like Madden. Well, four years later, lawyers say EA has agreed to a settlement, which includes giving up the exclusive rights to NCAA games for at least five years. This settlement still needs to be approved by the court, but if passed, it also means anyone who bought an EA football game could get a refund of about $2 to $7 a game.

If you bought a new Mac computer after June 10, you can get a free upgrade to the Mountain Lion operating system.

Facebook will be announcing its first earnings report as a public company on Thursday afternoon.

And in the latest speculation over the next Apple product, one analyst says we should expect the iPad Mini to be revealed in September, around the same time as the new iPhone.

There are only a few more weeks of summer left before school starts up, so time to get prepared. For those bringing an iPad to college, read up on these 5 note-taking apps. And CNET's back-to-school gadget round up will help you find all the devices you need to start the year right.

Note: I'll be away for the next few days, but never you fear! Jeff Bakalar, co-host of The 404, will be dishing you the latest tech news while I'm out.

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