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YouTube's BookTube series talks with David Sedaris about writing revealing essays

Sedaris chats about getting his start and writing about people he knows.

Author David Sedaris on BookTube

Book lovers parted from their favorite bookstores and trusty clubs in this time of social distancing can still get in on some literary talk. 

BookTube, a YouTube original, features YouTubers from the more bookish parts of the platform who sit down with notable authors like Margaret Atwood, James Patterson and Michelle Obama to talk about their work. In a new episode out Thursday, humorist David Sedaris chats with the hosts about his 2018 book Calypso, as well as how he started his career, going from art school to writing a piece called SantaLand Diaries (Sedaris worked as a Macy's elf at Christmas for a stint in the 90s) that caught the attention of both Ira Glass and the New Yorker. 

Sedaris, whose essays place a weird, funny and sometimes dark lens over his personal life, also talked about the challenges of writing about the people in his life, as well as writing in a way that seems revealing without actually revealing too much. 

"Mainly I just give the illusion of exposing myself, but it's just an illusion," he said, "usually the more embarrassing something is, the more people can relate to it, because we're not that different. 

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