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This YouTube channel turns pop songs into every musical style

Ten Second Songs is all about the creativity of musician Anthony Vincent.

YouTube is full of great videos from people who create their own channels. I've already pointed out a few with You Suck At Cooking, Binging with Batish and Colin Furze. Today I want to share a channel that's all about music, but probably not in the way you might think.

It's called Ten Second Songs, and what's cool about it is musician Anthony Vincent covers recognizable pop songs using a montage of different musical styles, all in 10-second bite-sized pieces. Now that I'm writing it, I realize it's pretty hard to explain. Check a few out to see what I mean and why this channel is so interesting.

We'll start with Katy Perry's Dark Horse. He covers just about every musical style in this one:

Next, Michael Jackson's Thriller:

If it's still a question whether this guy has talent, check out how he does Eminem's Rap God:

Finally, Taylor Swift's Bad Blood in the style of Def Leppard, Barney and Friends, or Chef from "South Park"? Vincent leaves no musical style out.

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