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YouTube swoons at live lip-dub marriage proposal

With more than 3 million views in three days, the world is moved by an actor's extraordinary lip-dub spectacle that shows you really do need 60 people to help you propose to the woman you love.

Roberta Fosse Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Marriage proposal is an art form.

If you're an actor, however, perhaps you feel a need to make such a thing a little more artistic. So please admire the efforts undertaken by Isaac Lamb, an actor from Portland, Ore.

Not for him a mere going down on one knee in a trattoria. Not for him a mere kiss beginning with K.

No, Lamb decided he would slaughter any of his girlfriend's resistance with the most irresistible live lip-dub spectacular.

He told the Oregonian that the biggest problem was keeping this secret. Unsurprising, given that there were around 60 people involved.

The most important person was his brother, who had to sit Amy Frankel down in the back of a Honda CRV and tell her he wanted her to listen to a song. The rest is, well, take a look and see if you can find a word to beat "insane."

However, as the action unfolds, you have to admire the performances of all those involved, some of which are surely actors.

Since being posted on Friday, the video has already enjoyed more than 3.5 million YouTube views, as well as, no doubt, millions more on Vimeo.

It is surely a successor to the implausibly wonderful JK's Wedding Dance, which moved tens of millions and was even spoofed in a T-Mobile ad.

"It's crazy," Lamb told the Oregonian. "I thought friends and family would like it, and I figured that's where it would end. I can't believe it."

I am sure you will not be able to believe that he will be appearing on tomorrow's "Today Show."