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YouTubers sink insane world record basketball shot

They traveled from Australia to Switzerland to take an epic free throw shot. There wasn't even a game scheduled.

The YouTubers that call themselves "How Ridiculous" spend an unusual amount of time dropping things from great heights, often leading to the object's dramatic demise. They're also known for their basketball trick shot acumen.

The trio's latest accomplishment, a shot from the top of dam in Switzerland, saw them reclaim a spot in the Guinness World Records.

The Australian group has been battling back and forth with American YouTube collective Dude Perfect for claim of the record for highest basketball shot ever. The three friends, Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson, traveled to the Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland and set up a shot from the top of the dam, 593 feet above the hoop. On just the third attempt, Herron sunk the ball and all three went wild.

"It was a surreal moment nailing it on the third shot," Herron told Guinness World Records. "I watched the ball head towards the rim and saw the net move but still had my doubts that it went in until I saw Scott going crazy."

The war for highest shot goes back years, with the How Ridiculous gang first claiming the record in 2011 with a 219-foot shot. This latest shot trumps Dude Perfect's 533-foot record from earlier this year.

You can see the whole unbelievable story in the video above. It seems clear that the era of trick shots from hot air balloons will be upon us soon.