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YouTube guy publicizes his cell phone number; runs out of minutes

An experiment garners 5,000 calls and text messages, and one very high bill, for one unemployed store clerk.

Ryan Fitzgerald is just an ordinary guy in Southbridge, Massachusetts, who had the extraordinary idea of publicizing his cell phone number on YouTube. The unemployed store clerk says he started the experiment to see how many people would call and to see if he could offer a sympathetic ear to any and all callers. He posted the above video on YouTube last Friday, and he has since received more than 5,000 calls and text messages. His follow-up YouTube video indicates that he has received all kinds of calls, from people who just wanted to say Hi, to people who wanted to know his opinion on what to get for dinner. Of course he has received plenty of negative calls and messages calling him all kinds of names, but he seems to be taking them in stride. All those calls and text messages come at a price however, as he ran out of all his free weekend minutes this Monday morning. Still, Ryan has not planned to stop taking calls and has received several offers to help with his bill.

Another fascinating part of this tale are the numerous YouTube videos posted in response to Ryan's video. If you take a look at the "Related" video clips on the side, you will see a whole list of people responding to Ryan, and most of them have a positive slant. It's pretty amazing to watch the widespread effects of such a stunt, however cheesy it may seem. Here's wishing good luck to Ryan and hoping he finds a way to pay his bills!