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YouTube cracking down on child users

YouTube suspending accounts over age limits.

YouTube is getting strict in enforcing its age requirements on the popular viral video site.

YouTubers have been complaining that the Google-owned company has been suspending accounts associated with several well-known YouTube child stars and providing no reason.

In response to queries by CNET on the matter, a YouTube spokeswoman provided this statement on Thursday:

"All YouTube users must agree to and abide by our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines when they register for a YouTube account. This includes providing accurate registration information and being over the age of 13."

"We understand that young people, when properly supervised by their parents, are capable of making valuable and significant contributions to the YouTube community, but we also respect the limitations in place to protect how personal information of people under the age of 13 can be stored and used. This is why YouTube, like many other websites, limits registration to people 13 and older," the YouTube statement said.

Children aged 13 to 17 can register for accounts with parental permission, under the terms of use.