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Your viral glory of the week: Boxing kangaroos

Technically Incorrect: Almost 2 million people have flocked to Facebook to see an extraordinary video of two kangaroos performing very skilled, kickboxing-style pugilism in the middle of an Australian road.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

What were they fighting about? Quinton Turner/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I like to hope that I'm immune to at least 70 percent of viral videos.

It's especially easy to avoid ones featuring pets doing terribly amusing things.

However, last week, the viral air was filled with something rarely seen outside, one imagines, of a strange Australian circus.

For here, thanks to 18-year-old Quinton Turner, are six beautiful minutes of kangaroo pugilism. Turner told his local Gladstone Observer newspaper that he was on his way home from the pub in Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia with his dad.

Suddenly, there they were, the Tyson and Holyfield of kangaroos. Turner said that the roos kept punching and kicking each other for at least 15 minutes.

His footage, though, spread far and wide within seconds.

At the time of writing, almost 1.8 million people on Facebook have enjoyed something that is far, far better than the collected works of Floyd Mayweather.

What's unclear is what the kangaroos were fighting about.

Could it be that one had stolen the other's lover? Could it be that one had called the other a wallaby ?

National Geographic tells me that one reason kangaroos fight is mating rights -- to the point at which there can be fatalities.

There's no evidence that any animal was harmed in the making of this particular video. I'm assuming that they'd both just had a little too much to drink.