Your old computer monitor is now a decorative tile

Fireclay on Kickstarter crushes old computer and TV monitors into home decor.

Your honkin' huge old TV has a new life.

We all know recycling is better than stuffing landfills full of obsolete electronics, but items like bulky old CRT computer monitors and televisions can be challenging to reuse. Fireclay Tile has found a creative way to grind that old glass into a product that will look good in your home.

Fireclay's freshly launched Kickstarter project is aimed at funding the production of recycled CRT tiles. The $10,000 funding goal is slated to go toward molds for the tiles.

It turns out that CRT glass makes for a pleasantly neutral gray tile. Yes, it does look a lot like staring into the depths of a turned-off, old-school TV screen, except it doesn't take up an entire corner of your living room.

Fireclay has partnered with electronics recycler ECS Recycling to get the raw material. It has to be crushed down until it's small enough to be melted and then poured into a mold.

For a $35 pledge ($25 early bird), you can receive a set of four tile coasters. Moving up to the $500 level gets you a 100-square-foot backsplash in gray. If you have a really big kitchen, then look into the $5,000 level for a 750-square-foot backsplash in your choice of color.

If you do install CRT tiles in your home, you can look forward to countless days gazing into the grayness, reminiscing about all those childhood hours spent in front of the television, watching classics like "He-Man," "Jem," and "Punky Brewster."

Fireclay CRT tiles
If you like neutral colors, this tile should do the trick. Fireclay