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Your last hope: The $24,000 zombie survival kit

Don't expect big firepower from this gear collection, but it does have a few tools that could keep you alive among the undead.

Not as much fun as raiding an ammo shop, but the Z.E.R.O. kit may prolong your natural life. The guns aren't included.

My preparations for the coming zombie apocalypse came down to one thing: a baseball bat. But this kit from OpticsPlanet makes me think I'm being terribly naive.

The Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations) Zombie Kit is the mother of all undead survival kits.

For a whopping $24,000 you get oodles of tools, protective gear, cases, and weapons accessories. The kit is skimpy on weapons themselves (the company says ammo will run out during the war, so you only get two knives) but tries to make up for it with gunsmithing and laboratory equipment.

I really don't think we'll have time to use the pipette shaker and compound microscope while unloading on zombie foot soldiers, but OpticsPlanet thinks we should be searching for a cure to zombie disease while fighting.

I won't list the dozens of items in the Z.E.R.O. kit, but some of the interesting tools include a tactical wristwatch that stores ballistics data, the Crimson Trace Full Size Glock Laser Grip, and the Brunton Solaris 62-watt foldable solar panel battery charger. Some of these gadgets may come in handy when civilization collapses.

There's also the aluminum OPMOD Battle Mug for both drinking and smashing zombie skulls, two activities that probably go well together. Check out the funny promo vid below.

Bottom line: Is the Z.E.R.O. kit worth $24,000? Well, can you put a price on your not-undead life?