Your Black Friday brawl videos, in all their glory

Technically Incorrect: For some people, it's a tradition to go to the mall on Black Friday and film their fellow humans fighting over bargains.

Chris Matyszczyk
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More of a skirmish?

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Are price fights what they used to be?

I searched for the best -- or, perhaps, worst -- videos of Black Friday shoppers descending to fisticuffs in order to secure a bargain and it's hard to tell if things have improved.

In previous years, the aggression was palpable. This year, with online offers becoming ever more attractive, it seems that fighting over the goods in person was a touch more muted.

In Columbus, Mississippi, there was a tussle over electronics. Even a video labeled "Black Friday 2016 Walmart Crazy Fight" seemed not to show actual fighting. And who knows if it was even from 2016?

CNN tried to feature as many long lines and angst-ridden action as it could. It showed one video with people battling over TVs.

There was a Black Friday brawl in a mall in Modesto, California. Footage, though, suggests this had little to do with fighting over bargains and more to do with young men hanging around malls at midnight. Indeed, CBS San Francisco reports that it's entirely unclear what might have started the disturbance.

Black Friday, it seems, became a time when people fought, but not over bargains. In Houston, a brawl broke out at Houston Premium Outlets, allegedly over a parking space.

In Reno, Nevada, things became more extreme. In the parking lot of a Walmart, a fight over a parking spot allegedly led to someone being shot and killed.

America has tried to export the Black Friday tradition to other countries. In some, though, there is resistance.

Perhaps my favorite Black Friday video was posted to Twitter by Kelly Greig of Global Montreal News. It showed Canadian shoppers storming into an electronics store.

Well, it was more strolling really. As Greig explained: "No elbowing, pushing or injuries. Canada step up your#blackfriday game."

What a peculiar attitude.