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Young man crushes blindfolded Rubik's Cube record

A cube master conquers one of the toughest gaming challenges known to man in record time.

A Hungarian brought glory back to the motherland of the Rubik?s Cube.
Rubik's/Seven Towns

Think you're a Rubik's Cube master? Unless you are a robot, think again.

The Zonhoven Open 2012 is a Rubik's Cube competition held annually in Belgium. One insane aspect of the competition is a blindfolded Rubik's Cube challenge. After a few brief moments of examining the cube, participants must solve the 3D mechanical puzzle without looking. A moderator also holds a piece of paper over the cube to avoid peeking.

One would think this feat would take several minutes at best, but a record, caught on video, shows Marcell Endrey of Hungary solving the cube in an astonishing 28.80 seconds. Keep an eye out for the kid sitting behind Endrey, who flashes a priceless reaction.

Unbelievably, the existing World Cube Association record for this feat is 30.58 seconds by Yuhui Xu of China. In addition, Mats Valk won the overall Zonhoven Open 2012 regular 3x3 cube challenge with an average of 10.28 seconds.