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You look great, buy Kodak

Will two guys complimenting your shirt get you to shop with their sponsors?

A couple weeks back, Kodak announced new products for this fall, including the excellent Zi8 minicamcorder. At the same time, the company was touring the guys in the video above--Brett Westcott and Cameron Brown--up the East Coast trying to get people to smile by complimenting them.

The two are known as the Compliment Guys (go figure) back on their campus at Purdue, where they started doing their thing to cheer people up. Kodak decided to put them on a 10-city tour, coinciding with its latest marketing campaign, "It's Time to Smile!"

So what does this have to do with Crave? Well, it's my own curiosity about whether marketing like this or things like viral videos have ever gotten you to buy from one tech brand over another? Does anything unrelated to the tech itself guide who gets your money? Is there still brand loyalty beyond Apple? Let me know in the comments.

I can't say a compliment would get me, but that's because I'm cynical and basically dead inside. However, seeing the video did get me to write this post, so I guess on that level they got me.