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You got an iPod, now what?

CNET's Donald Bell offers some tips and tutorials for making the most of any Apple iPod you may have received for the holidays.

Photo of Apple iPod Touch.
Something like the iPod Touch can do so many things, it can be hard to know where to begin. CNET

Year after year, Apple's line of iPod portable media players make for great holiday gifts to give and receive. But whether it's your first iPod or an overdue update, the increasing complexity of the iPod (and the iTunes software behind it) can be challenging to wrap your head around.

To shorten the distance between unboxing and rocking out, I've put together a collection of all the major iPod and iTunes tutorials I've created over the course of the year. Happy holidays.

iPod setup guides:

How to set up an iPod Touch
How to set up an iPod Nano
How to set up and iPod Shuffle

iTunes tips and tricks:

Getting started with iTunes playlists
Creating Smart Playlists in iTunes
Getting started with podcasts in iTunes
How to quickly add media to iTunes 9
How to move an iTunes library to an external drive
How to rip an audio book CD to an iPod