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You Can Now Play Wordle on NYT Crossword App

Wordle is now available to play on The New York Times Crossword app. Plus, you can save your stats with a free account.

Wordle on a phone
The New York Times acquired the viral word game in January.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Playing Wordle is no longer limited to your browser and The New York Times news app. You can now play the daily puzzle game on the Times' Crossword app, which also hosts the Spelling Bee game, the company's Games division said Wednesday. You can save your stats and streaks using a free account. 

Though creator Josh Wardle, a software engineer, originally designed Wordle for his partner, the game started going viral at the end of 2021. He sold it to The New York Times in late January for a price "in the low seven figures." Millions of people play it each day, The New York Times said.

CNET has compiled the best tips and tricks for Wordle, along with the ideal starter words and a two-step strategy to help you win every time. Here's a guide to all The New York Times' games, including Spelling Bee and the Mini crossword. Plus, check out these Wordle alternatives, from "evil and genius" Quordle to the geography guessing game Worldle.