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You can now find Bender's shiny metal butt in Minecraft

Bender, the lovable, occasionally mean-spirited robot from "Futurama," has been recreated in painstaking detail in the popular crafting game by user propank.

Listen up, meatbags. A Minecraft user by the name of propank has created an amazingly huge and detailed version of Bender (aka Bender Bending Rodriguez, Sr.) in Minecraft for all the world to download.

Just like his "Futurama" cartoon counterpart is wont to do, Minecraft Bender is brandishing booze in one hand while smoking a cigar in the other. The build took about 24 Earth hours, and is a staggering 250 blocks high in the game. To accomplish the feat, propank used 50,635 blocks, and you can see a timelapse video of his build at the top of this post. If you'd like to explore Bender's world for yourself, you can download the entire world from propank's Planet Minecraft page.

It's too bad that Minecraft Bender doesn't actually talk in the game, as it'd be pretty freaky to hear such a vast robot spout things like, "Hey baby, wanna kill all humans?" or "Well, we're boned!" Propank did, however, put Bender's most famous catchphrase into his build; a word bubble tells all passers-by to "Bite [Bender's] shiny metal ass!"

Even in Minecraft, Bender wants you to bite his shiny metal ass. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET