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Yikes--a Windows virus on your iPod?

Apple Computer warns that some iPods have shipped with a Windows virus.

James Kim
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James Kim

Beware: Your new iPod may have shipped carrying the RavMonE virus.

Apple has released info on its Web site that describes the discovery of a Windows-based virus, traced back to its contract manufacturer. Fewer than 1 percent of iPods with video (5.5G) sold after the September 12 launch could be carrying the worm, which can affect only Windows machines. Neither the new iPod Nano nor the iPod Shuffle (not yet released) are affected.

In addition to an apology, Apple has posted a tutorial on how to get rid of the virus. The statement adds: "Because this Windows virus propagates via mass storage devices, we recommend that you scan any mass storage devices that you have recently attached to your Windows computers such as external hard drives, digital cameras with removable media, and USB flash drives."

News.com has more details.

(Photo: Apple Computer)