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Hackers loop anti-Donald Trump rap song on several radio stations

Hackers are forcing people to listen to YG's "F*** Donald Trump" on repeat.

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Xiomara Blanco
Scott Dudelson, FilmMagic

Last year, Bompton-based rapper YG and Nipsey Hussle released a lyrical no-holds-barred attack against then-Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. It became an instant anthem for those voting against Trump and eventually got a co-sign from mainstream rappers Macklemore and G Eazy.

Today, now that Trump is officially the president of the United States, a few radio stations are playing the inflammatory song on loop, and you have crafty hackers to thank for that.

Several sources are reporting that over the past two weeks, stations in South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky have all had their signals hacked to play "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)" on repeat.

Hackers gained access to the radio stations through their vulnerable transmissions, including unsecure internet-connected antennas. Some of the radio stations shut down their airwaves as quickly as possible in order to avoid playing the risque song any longer than they had to -- as you can guess by its title, the song is laden with profanity.

Despite the lack of radio play it got when it first debuted, some radio stations are now embracing the song with open arms. A pirate radio station in Seattle has been broadcasting the song non-stop for more than a week and, during inauguration weekend, a Portland radio station broadcast a clean edit of the song every hour.

YG's camp didn't respond for comment.

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