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Yfrog's top searches of '09 are full of teen angst

What were the top 10 searches of 2009 for Twitter photo host Yfrog? Mostly pop stars and teen heartthrobs.

Twitter-centric photo sharing service Yfrog released its top 10 searches of 2009 on Monday, and the results are not all that shocking; It appears most of its users are hunting for tween-heartthrob vampires, and/or famous singers. Below is the full list. I've linked each query with a search on Yfrog:

To put this in perspective, Yfrog's list shares only the terms "new moon" and "Michael Jackson" with Google image's top 10 results of 2009, at least according to the recently-released zeitgeist. Also worth noting, is that Imageshack launched Yfrog in late February of 2009, meaning this list is more like the top 10 search results during the last 10 months.

Honestly, I'm just happy that image searches for the Iran elections beat out those for Miley Cyrus.

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