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Yet another new Apple campus in the pipeline?

Apple is still waiting for approval on its second campus, and its executives are reportedly already considering another building to follow.

A rendering of Apple's proposed second campus.
A rendering of Apple's proposed second campus.
City of Cupertino/Apple

While planning continues ahead of approval and construction of Apple's headquarters reboot, rumor has it that company executives are already considering yet another major campus in its home town of Cupertino, Calif., when this latest project is completed.

In a story about Apple's current campus build effort, the San Jose Mercury News points to a mention by Mayor Gilbert Wong saying that Apple executives told him the company's growth might warrant another building following the completion of campus No. 2:

"And just like a new gadget, the company may not be done upgrading. Wong said Apple executives have told him the company is expanding so fast that it expects to start working on Apple Campus 3 at an unknown location after they finish the second headquarters in 2015. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on plans for a third campus."

When pitching the new campus project in June, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told the City Council that the company was growing "like a weed," and that it "it's clear we need to build a new campus." The answer is a circular building that can house up to 12,000 people. By comparison, Apple's current campus holds about 2,800 employees, with some 12,000 others in the area. The Mercury News notes that the new facilities will actually hold 13,000 employees, which is 1,000 more than the original estimate.

Tonight, the new campus gets its first public scrutiny since being pitched in June. The City of Cupertino is hosting a meeting to field questions ahead of beginning its environmental impact report, one of the major steps in the project getting the go-ahead.

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