Yes, there's already someone waiting in line for iPhone 6

A Japanese blogger says he must, simply must be the first to get Apple's new iPhone. What new iPhone?

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
There he is, a man desperate to be first. Yoppy/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If your life is devoid of meaning -- or if, perhaps, you are an Apple fan and blogger -- you need to express yourself in as public a way as you can.

One of the ways in which Apple fans and bloggers express themselves most graphically is, of course, by standing in line to be among the first (few thousand) to get their hands on a new Apple gadget.

A current kink is that there is no new Apple gadget. This, however, hasn't stopped Japanese Apple fan and blogger Yoppy from assuming his position to be the first in line for Apple's inevitable, and perhaps even large, phone.

As RocketNews 24 reports, Yoppy was spurred, as so many of us are, by failure.

He wasn't the first to get an iPhone 5. There is shame attached to such a defeat.

So Yoppy decided to don a very silly costume and place himself outside the Apple store in Ginza, Tokyo.

He even had a sign that said "the iPhone 6 line starts here."

Despite the fact there is no release date -- something Apple fans and bloggers surely know -- Yoppy trudged into the store to beg for some secret information.

Having failed to secure anything, he trudged away, perhaps realizing that he wasn't equipped to spend, say, months on the sidewalk. You need tents, you need food, you need friends.

Still, this was a successful publicity stunt. Indeed, it's quite fascinating how many people are trying to anticipate the supposed iPhone 6 with their own artistic statements.

On Monday, I was sent a video by French director Adrien Tesseyre, who believes the only possibility for a successful iPhone 6 is for it to have a flux capacitor.

I present his video for your entertainment (or not.)